After spending years building your career and honing your resume, when you become a parent, one of your concerns might be how you can help start your children off on the right foot in the professional world. Your children will be living with you for 18 years before their "official" professional experiences begin, and that's a lot of valuable time you can use to help them hone their skills, promote synergy, and teach them how to become the leaders of the future of the future of work.

To meet this demand, today we're launching the Meeting Owl Jr. -- the next generation of our intelligent 360° video conferencing camera, the Meeting Owl. Keep reading to learn how the Meeting Owl Jr. will help you help your children build their resume before they even start using building blocks.


3 Ways Your Kids Can Use the Meeting Owl Jr.

1. Introduce your children to two-way video conferencing technology.

You've probably been using one-way video conferencing technology with your child since they were in diapers -- your video baby monitor. And while that technology is useful for their safety and your peace of mind, it's time to introduce them to the next level of video technology. The Meeting Owl Jr. will prepare your children for the modern distributed workplace, where they'll be holding video conferencing meetings with remote team members all over the world.

2. Improve your children's communication skills.

The ABCs aren't enough for future leaders anymore. The Meeting Owl Jr. will familiarize your children with clear, concise, and convincing communication so they're able to wield influence and build consensus by the time they start playing in the sandbox at school.

3. Get your children comfortable with attending and leading meetings from a young age.

Most importantly, the Meeting Owl Jr. will get your children in the habit of attending and leading meetings as early as possible. Meetings can be a challenge, and the sooner you get your children into the practice of setting agendas, engaging participants, and facilitating discussions, the better prepared they will be to take their seat in the business world.

Make the most of your time with your youngsters with the Meeting Owl Jr. The Meeting Owl Jr. is available for purchase on our website for $499. Today only, you can purchase the Meeting Owl Jr. at a 100% discount using the promo code APRILFOOLS. Happy meeting! (Learn more about the Meeting Owl here!)

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