2020 Remote Gift Guide

Katherine Boyarsky

Katherine Boyarsky | December 15, 2020

It’s almost as if we blinked and we’ve landed in the 2020 holiday season. This year was a unique one. The world was turned upside down and saw an overnight adoption of remote work and employees with flexible schedules. This year, we’ve created a guide to help those in your life enhance their new Work From Anywhere (#WFA) lifestyles by giving them a gift that pairs perfectly with remote work.

The Gift of Self Improvement

For the mindful remote worker in your life, a self-improvement app or subscription will help them reimagine their living room into an impressive lecture hall or favorite workout studio.  


For many, COVID-19 made 2020 the year of binge-watching and over-working. To help the remote worker in your life gear for 2021, gift them a Masterclass subscription. With over 90 classes to choose from across all interests from business to entertainment to gardening, all available with a gifted annual pass, a Masterclass subscription is the gift that keeps on giving.

Masterclass Remote Gift

Source: Masterclass

The Gift of a Zen Workspace

For the remote worker in your life who has a dedicated home office, help them turn their office into a welcomed workspace with one of these curated gifts.

Lula's Garden

Succulents are a low-maintenance, highly-aesthetic alternative to houseplants that are the perfect gift for the busy remote worker in your life. Bringing a little life and nature into the workspace is a great way to boost creativity, and with dozens of collections to choose from, Lula’s Garden is the ideal one-stop shop for all of your succulent needs.

succulent garden gift

Source: Lula’s Garden

Elevated “Ring” Light

An ultra-modern twist on a cult-influencer favorite, an elevated ring light will add a whimsical flair to any home office. The humble ring light, a tool that has been in the spotlight this year due to the global shift from in-person to virtual meetings, has gone through many alterations. Our favorite is this white steel and walnut spot lamp by Article. Its minimalist vibe succeeds at lighting its subjects, while not sacrificing use for style. 

ring light gift for office

Source: Article

Otherland Candle

Good candles smell nice, great candles have the power to change the entire atmosphere of a room. To give the gift of a meticulously crafted, zen atmosphere, give the gift of an Otherland candle. Otherland candles are toxin-free and the packaging is funky and artistic, brightening up any workspace.. Build a 3-pack of candles out of scents such as fresh, leathery, and floral to set your remote worker up for success no matter which scent they decide to burn.

organic candle gift for office

Source: Otherland

The Gift of Health & Wellness

Nothing tells those that you love that you care in the year 2020 quite like a gift of health. To put your most healthy gift-giving foot forward this holiday season, choose from one of these wellness-minded gifts.

"Hip" Hand Sanitizer

We all spent the first half of this year shopping around for a hand sanitizer that we could use daily, then panicking when our local pharmacy ran out of hand sanitizer completely, then releasing a sigh of relief when they were back on the shelves and we could stock up once more. Just in time for the oncoming winter season, Touchland has created the ultimate hand sanitizer. Their sanitizer mist is hydrating and softening, so it keeps you safe from germs while keeping your hands healthy. Touchland’s rainbow collection of sanitizers is a welcomed little gift for your favorite friend or #WFA employee.

hand sanitizer gift

Source: Touchland

Peloton Health App

And for the remote worker in your life who is looking to make 2021 the year of physical self-improvement, gift them a Peloton Health App. Think of the Peloton Health App as a workout “Masterclass” with no equipment required besides your own body. With thousands of classes available in over 10 types of workouts, this inclusive health app will help you turn your living room into a boutique gym right in time for you to start working towards those new year’s resolutions.

Peloton fitness app gift

Source: Peloton


Porter Reusable Water Bottle

For the health and earth-conscious remote worker, there’s no better gift than a sustainable and durable reusable bottle. When choosing which reusable bottle to gift the remote workers in your life, go the sleek route with the Porter reusable bottle. The Porter is our style-forward choice that your remote worker will cut disposables out of their life in no time, while staying hydrated.

reusable water bottle gift

Source: Madewell

And… 2021 #WFA Office Must-Haves

2020 brought with it a new definition of “modern worker.” As work schedules grow more flexible, more industries embrace remote work, and the Work From Anywhere #WFA movement gains traction, who knows how that definition will look in 2021? To keep all workers and teams engaged, no matter their location... gift your office these #WFA must haves this holiday season.

The Meeting Owl

For the remote teacher, remote court reporter, remote engineer, and every remote worker in between, the Meeting Owl is the best way to give your virtual meetings that coveted in-person feel. When you give the gift of the Meeting Owl you are giving the gift of a smart, 360° camera with autofocus and the power to reimagine all that a hybrid meeting can be and achieve.

meeting owl video camera gift

Source: Owl Labs


Whether your gift-swapping buddies are back in their on-site offices or working from home, they are breathing air. So, shouldn’t they be breathing the most pure air possible? The Molekule, a modern, professional-grade air purification system, is an office gift for our times. This sleek purification system comes in four sizes and is designed to match any lifestyle.

mini air purifier gift

Source: Molekule

Now that you have checked everyone off of your holiday shopping list, it’s time to ring in the season with some virtual festivities! If you need some inspiration, here are our Top 10 Best Virtual Holiday Hang Ideas.