Global Work from Home Week 2019
July 29th-August 2nd, 2019

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More than half of companies around the world allow some form of remote work, working from home, or hybrid work. Statistically speaking, that means you're either a remote worker yourself, or you work with remote workers on your team or at your company.

That's why we're challenging you to work remotely for a full week at the end of this month. Every employee should walk in their remote teammates' shoes. When you can experience what it's like to work remotely, you'll have the empathy and knowledge to better support your team and improve its productivity.

#WFHWeek is an initiative hosted by Owl Labs in partnership with The Remote Work Association, HubSpot, and 20+ other innovative companies and communities around the world leading the way in the remote work movement. We challenged hybrid or co-located employees to try working remotely for an entire week, from Monday, July 29th until Friday, August 2nd, to learn more about the remote experience firsthand. Sign up below to get notified about #WFHWeek Summer 2020.


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We're on a mission to make location irrelevant for remote workers and hybrid teams. Companies that support remote work have 25% less employee turnover than companies that don't. This initiative will help raise awareness around the challenges remote workers face, as well as the steps that leaders and co-located team members can take to better include and engage them.

In the U.S., 62% of workers work remotely at any frequency (e.g., full-time, weekly, monthly, etc.) Remote workers' #1 challenge is staying in the loop on projects and tasks, and they miss ad-hoc conversations and celebrations in the office the most. After completing WFH Week, you'll have the experience necessary to identify and solve these common problems on your own team to be a more inclusive teammate or leader.

Sign up to join Owl Labs, in partnership with The Remote Work Association, HubSpot, and 20+ other forward-thinking brands and communities for a full week of working from home from Monday, July 29th until Friday, August 2nd.

Throughout the week, we'll be sharing educational content and social media discussion prompts so remote and hybrid workers and companies can learn, connect, and share best practices with each other.

Follow Owl Labs on Twitter and tell us you're in by sharing the logo below using the hashtag #WFHWeek. Once you sign up, we'll be in touch with more details leading up to #WFHWeek.

Work from Home Week

To learn more about remote work and working from home in the meantime, check out these resources from Owl Labs and some of our #WFHWeek partners.

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