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Owl University is a free course for educators, administrators, and IT professionals who want to learn how to better support digital collaboration and distributed learning.


Learn how technology is changing the way we think about education
and how you can support students and educators both near and far.

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Educator & Administrator

  • Learn how to adapt to the modern university

  • Collaborate with other educators
  • Leverage technology to help your students succeed

IT Professional

  • Modernize your university's technology offerings
  • Solve student problems with advanced tech solutions
  • Support staff and educators


Owl University Modules Will Cover


The Future of EDU

Explore how higher education is changing and how to prepare for it.


The Modern,
Decentralized University

How to connect people on opposite ends of campus or opposite sides of the world.


Distributed Learning

Forward thinking universities aren’t bound by classroom walls. 

See the Meeting Owl in action

Check out this video overview of the Meeting Owl, a 360-degree video conferencing camera

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