Is the Meeting Owl Right For Your Team?

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Make sure that the Meeting Owl fits your needs, so you love it as much as we do.

Designed for Collaboration

The Meeting Owl was designed with collaboration in mind. Engineering, product, marketing and design teams love it.

Meetings of 2+

The Meeting Owl is optimized for groups of 2-8 people working collaboratively.

Built for Huddle Rooms

Conference rooms and huddle rooms are the best habitat for the Meeting Owl. It likes to have everyone within a 12 foot diameter.

How to Set Up Your Meeting Owl in Your Conference Room

Meeting Owl Habitats

Use the Meeting Owl in Huddle Rooms

Use the Meeting Owl in Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms often have a camera mounted above or below the television, so remote meeting partcipants feel like a fly on the wall.

The Meeting Owl brings your remote team members into the room and gives them a seat at the table. 

Use the Meeting Owl in Conference Rooms

Use the Meeting Owl in Conference Rooms

The Meeting Owl also works well in small conference rooms where 4-8 people are sitting within a 12-foot diameter of the Owl. 
Standups, design meetings and collaborative meetings are all great examples of when the Meeting Owl can help your remote team members feel more included. 

Starting Meetings using Meeting Owl

Meeting Owl on Laptop

Set Up Using Your Laptop

  1. Connect the Meeting Owl to power and plug in the USB into the laptop.
  2. Start the meeting in the video conferencing platform of choice.
  3. Select the Meeting Owl as a video, mic and speaker input. 
  4. Place the laptop at the end of the table to see the remote attendee. Or connect the laptop to the in-room display.
Meeting Owl on In-Room Computer

Set Up With an In-Room Computer 

  1. Plug the Meeting Owl in to power and the in-room computer via USB.  
  2. Kick off the meeting on the in-room computer. 
  3. No additional steps are needed, as the Owl is set up and ready to go at a moments notice.