Privacy & Security

How does the Meeting Owl compare to other conferencing cameras?

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Privacy & Security

The Meeting Owl is a wifi-connected device, and our customer's security and privacy is a top priority for us. With that, here are some details to help you understand how we protect our customers and how the wifi is used. 

Why does the Meeting Owl connect to wifi?  

We want to make sure the Meeting Owl you have on day 365 is even better than the Owl you have on day one. With that, we use your Owl's wifi connection to send it new features and capabilities, so your Owl gets smarter and smarter over time.

The wifi-connection also allows us to report data back to you via the Meeting Owl mobile app, like room usage.  

The Meeting Owl doesn't record any video or audio content. 

With that, the Owl does not record, collect or transmit any video or audio data.

All data is sent over the USB to the computer it's connected to. It can't go anywhere else. 

We collect data to improve the Meeting Owl.  

When connected to wifi, the Meeting Owl sends some meeting analytics data back to our servers. 

For example, we collect usage data from the Meeting Owls in order to improve our software and deliver a better experience for you over time. That data is also available to you via the Meeting Owl mobile app. 


  • Amount of time Meeting Owl is streaming video or audio
  • Number of people in each meeting
  • Error logs and Owl misbehavior
  • Owl health check-ins

NOT Including: 

  • Meeting audio or video
  • Meeting images
  • Human specific data 

All data is stored securely. 

Data is sent via HTTPS with TLS/SSL to our central server, hosted securely. Data can only be accessed by full-time employees of Owl Labs. 

Let us know if you have questions.