Owl Care Advanced Support

We are proud to offer Owl Care, a white glove support program for customers looking for peace of mind above and beyond our world class support. 

The cost of this program is $149 per Meeting Owl (or $249 CAD) and must be acquired within 30 days of Meeting Owl purchase. 

(Looking for more Meeting Owls + Owl Care? Visit our Pricing Page.)

Program Benefits

Advanced Owl Replacement 

Sometimes mistakes happen, and we get that. With this program, you will have a one-time replacement of your Meeting Owl -- no questions asked. 

For extra convenience, we'll ship you your new Owl as soon as soon as the issue is confirmed so you can keep on going with as little interruption as possible. And never fear, this service goes above and beyond what's already covered in your warranty replacement policy.

Extended Warranty Period 

Enjoy a three year warranty with your Meeting Owl. Warranty begins at date of Meeting Owl purchase. 

Unlimited End User Training 

Have a growing team? New employees to train? With this program, we're at the ready to hold sessions as needed.

Installation Support

We will work with you remotely to help set up any new conference rooms. Expect as easy and efficient transition to your new technology as possible. 

Need more info? Read an example program overview and contract.