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The Meeting Owl is a smart conference camera made for teams.
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The Meeting Owl video conferencing camera dynamically captures 360° video and superior audio for a near face-to-face experience engineered for plug & play simplicity.
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Dynamic video + audio. Our 360° lens automatically focuses on users as they speak, while 8 omnidimensional microphones locate the presenter and speakers stream exceptionally clear audio.
All-in-one. Combines video and audio to simplify your meeting set up. Like a dynamic and sophisticated webcam, but better: automatic product updates means no downtime.
No setup required. Just connect via USB and meet. Owl operates software-free, and is compatible with any web-based meeting platform.
Our remote offices love seeing people here in our space in Raleigh, and the meeting owl allows us to provide that experience. It is almost like you are in the same room. I knew that the technology that the Meeting Owl was providing was a lot better, and especially at the price point I couldn't beat it.
Jeremy Smith, IT Manager,
on Pendo
Finally a company that gives a hoot about remote working! Great product. Platform agnostic, plug-and-play, OTA software updates. Activity tracking of the camera/mic are fantastic and our meetings are much better off for it. We've bought them for all of our meeting rooms. 5 Stars.
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It uses machine learning to understand not just who is speaking, but if there’s a conversation between two people and whether the videoconferencing chat should show two or more views for the video. It’s all on the fly, as well..

The Meeting Owl works with all of your favorite web-based video conferencing software.

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