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Smart 360°All-in-One Classroom Video Camera

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Meeting Owl
Smart Video

The 360° lens shows the entire classroom and automatically focuses on students and instructors as they speak.

360° Audio

The 8 omnidirectional mics and 360° speaker makes sure you can hear everyone.


Connects via USB and combines video and audio to simplify your classroom set up.

Works With Your Current Setup

Works with all web-based video conferencing platforms. No downloads or additional purchases needed.

What's it like to try the Meeting Owl?

360° Intelligent Video

Software Optimizes for Distance Learning

The Meeting Owl uses software to show your remote students and instructors the entire room, as well as the most recent participants - without having to do a thing.

The automatic speaker focus highlights the most recent in-room participants. No need to rotate the laptop manually or use a remote.

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Superior Audio & Video

The Meeting Owl's single 360° lens provides a full view of the classroom without any moving parts or image stitching.

The 8-microphone array allows everyone within a 12-foot radius to be heard.

Beamforming technology focuses the microphones on the person speaking, and noise and echo cancellation ensure you hear the important things (and not the air conditioning).

Works With Your Current Setup

The Meeting Owl is a USB device that works with all major web-based video conferencing platforms. You don't have to download, purhcase, or install a thing. Just plug it in to your in-room computer or laptop and you're good to go.

Your remote students (or teachers!) just got a whole lot happier.

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The Anatomy of the Meeting Owl

The Meeting Owl’s design was inspired by its namesake’s superior hearing and sight.

It combines a custom 360° lens with 8 omnidirectional echo-canceling microphones and a 360° speaker. The Owl is your video conferencing eyes and ears.

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Meeting Owl

Meeting Owl

The Meeting Owl is your 360° camera, mic and speaker for your classroom. The automatic focus is unlike anything at its price point.

Test the Owl in your classroom with our 30-day return policy.

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