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Senior Optical Systems Engineer

Owl Labs is hiring an Optical Systems Engineer to join our diverse development team. You will lead the effort to take our 360° camera to the next level. The ideal candidate is skilled and experienced in simulation, analysis and is familiar with the optical system design process.  A broad knowledge wide-angle imaging techniques is a plus.

Owl Labs' mission is to solve a problem we've all experienced: meetings suck, and they are especially painful for the remote participants on the other side of the call. Considering the rapid growth in remote and distributed work, this is a perfectly timed problem for Owl Labs to solve. The market is hungry for products and content that make remote and distributed work better.

With $22.3M funding from Spark Capital, Matrix Partners, and Playground Global, Owl Labs has created the Meeting Owl, a 360° smart video conferencing camera that sits in the center of the table and uses robotics algorithms to automatically highlight different people as they talk. After launching the product in June 2017, thousands of companies have purchased the Meeting Owl, saying it offers the most natural and inclusive meeting experience they've ever seen.

In this role, you will impact some of the company's most important product development goals.

Skills & Requirements:

  • MS or PhD in Physics, Applied Physics, Optics, or related field
  • 5+ years of hands-on experience in optics systems design and testing
  • Excellent command of optical physics fundamentals.
  • Solid understanding of photodetectors and optical measurement techniques
  • Proficiency with optical simulation tools and techniques
  • Proficiency with Matlab and/or Python for instrument control, data collection, and data analysis
  • Strong communication skills, appreciation of documentation, and co-worker & customer empathy

Nice to Haves:

  • 10+ years of hands-on experience in optics systems design and testing
  • Far-East high-volume manufacturing of optical systems
  • Experience working with and managing external consultants and designers
  • Experience designing and working with large format super wide-angle cameras

Owl Labs is ~30% remote and headquarters are based in Somerville, MA. This role can be either an on-site or remote position. Please specify in your application.

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