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Frontend Software Engineer

Owl Labs’ mission is to solve a problem we’ve all experienced: meetings suck, and they are especially painful for the remote participants on the other side of the call. Considering the rapid growth in remote and distributed work, this is a perfectly timed problem for Owl Labs to solve. The market is hungry for products and content that make remote and distributed work better.

Owl Labs is hiring a Frontend Software Engineer to join our cross-functional team. The ideal candidate has brought multiple products from the early concept stage to the real world, with a focus on customer satisfaction. This role is inherently collaborative; you will work with engineering, marketing, design, and product teams, and interact with colleagues throughout all levels of the company. You should be excited and able to work effectively in a rapidly changing organization, and adept at synthesizing a variety of technologies into high quality product experiences that customers love.


What You’ll Do

In this role, you will be responsible for developing new product from concept to launch (and beyond). We’re looking for a Frontend Software Engineer that will build delightful products to shape the future of remote meetings. We pride ourselves on being thoughtful, intentional and able to deliver value. If you love simple and elegant solutions that deliver value to users, then this is the right fit for you.


  • Develop the future a new category of Owl Labs products in the SaaS space; build thoughtful frontends for different users to better integrate remote meetings, technology teams to manage smart conference rooms, and more. Act as a technology owner by establishing a technical vision, designing products that delight users, and delivering technical solutions via code and process.
  • Manage delivery of near-term product enhancements while concurrently thinking about longer-term future product investments and lifecycle refreshes. Own projects by helping plan, prioritize and develop products.
  • Promote quality throughout the team with pull-requests, writing tests, and applying best practices, coding standards, and patterns for development and deployment of your code. You’ll mentor more junior engineers on those best practices and patterns. 
  • Work closely with design to build beautiful, scalable products for users and with other engineers to ensure full end-to-end solutions.
  • Steer the success of our product in our broad culture of autonomy. You have the authority and responsibility to make things happen.

In Your First Month:

  • Execute for our online customer portal, collaborating across multiple disciplines to ship customer value, writing code and reviewing others’ code.
  • Lean into the roadmap for existing product enhancements to understand forecasted product enhancements.
  • Spend time talking to customers, understanding their problems, and validating that your solutions solve a real problem for them.
  • You’ll participate in and contribute to the team’s planning activities by helping scope work and determine feature request feasibility.

In Your First Quarter:

  • You may play a specific role (such as Team Lead or Architect Owner) on your Agile team. 
  • Take ownership on major product enhancements.
  • Hold the team accountable for building quality products by writing tests, shaping guidelines, and developing architecture.
  • Be a technical voice to when working with other stakeholders on future planning.
  • Be a mentor to other engineers via regular pairing and code-reviews.

In Your First Half:

  • Own the success of your team by helping set and achieve quarterly goals
  • Demonstrate your expertise on Owl Labs’s products and how you’ve solved problems by regularly updating the company at large.
  • Help shape the team by supporting hiring and recruiting.
  • Understand the needs of our users and customers by participating in the kick-off of new projects.


More than a candidate that checks every box, we’re looking for people who are excited to work, learn, and grow at Owl Labs—no matter their background or how they identify. If that’s you, we hope you’ll apply for this role.


  • 5+ years in software development or equivalent experience with a track record of bringing software products to market.
  • Experience working in an innovative, fast-paced environment to stitch together different services and processes even if you have not worked with them before.
  • Experience building, testing, deploying, and monitoring systems end-to-end
  • Experience working closely with product managers and designers to build new products and features in a fast paced environment.
  • Experience working with designers to implement visual design guides.
  • Strong analytical skills using data to drive decisions, back up assumptions, and develop scale of expectations.
  • Ability to make tradeoffs between technical scale, business outcomes, and customer needs. Ability to think strategically, execute methodically, and act decisively. 
  • Ability to work with teams at all levels of the organization. Collaboration is exciting to you and you enjoy understanding the perspectives of others.
  • You welcome candid feedback and are looking to grow your skillsets.
  • You multi-task and can synthesize multiple perspectives to get the most important thing done.


  • 5+ years experience within a SaaS oriented software company
  • Proficiency with design tools (InVision, Sketch, etc…)
  • Proficiency in multiple technical environments including programming / scripting languages (SQL, Python, JS, etc...), frameworks (React, Angular, etc…), data stores (Postgres, MySQL, etc…), cloud environments (AWS, GCE, etc…).
  • Strong familiarity with multiple functional areas (e.g. engineering, sales, and customer support)


Who We Are:

With $22.3M funding from Spark Capital, Matrix Partners, and Playground Global, Owl Labs has created the Meeting Owl, a 360° smart video conferencing camera that sits in the center of the table and uses robotics algorithms to automatically highlight different people as they talk. After launching the product in June 2017, thousands of companies have purchased the Meeting Owl, saying it offers the most natural and inclusive meeting experience they’ve ever seen.

Owl Labs is 33% remote and headquarters are based in Somerville, MA. This role can be either an on-site or remote position. Please specify in your application.

Owl Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to our values of embracing inclusivity and creating a culture where everyone feels respected and connected, no matter the location of their work environment. We invite applications from people of all walks of life and are committed to providing reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities in our recruiting process. If you need accommodations due to a disability, please let us know.

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