What is a "Zoom Shirt" you ask? New York Times writer, Joel Stein, described a "Zoom Shirt" as, " … a top, typically kept on the back of the computer chair or a hanger nearby, [to] pop on in the moments before [your] webcam lights up". The purpose of this garment is to enhance your WFH outfit so you're prepared and professional for your video meetings.

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If you're busy with video calls during the day, you've likely seen a wide variety of Zoom attire. While there isn't one, overarching "Zoom dress code", remote workers are finding ways to keep their Zoom looks business casual, without sacrificing comfort. Check out these tips (including some from the Owl Labs team) to win the Zoom style game.

1. Find your go-to "Zoom Shirt".

Pick a trusty top you can always rely on for Zoom calls. We recommend avoiding a distinctive design or pattern since they can be distracting on video (especially if you have a fun Zoom background behind you). Think solid colors, a shirt with a collar, button-up shirts, or scoop neck tees that can be easily accessorized. This piece will likely become part of your go-to Zoom outfit and should be able to go the distance.

Zoom Outfit Tip from the Owl Labs Flock:

"I bought a lot of monochromatic bright colored tops when I started working from home full time a few years ago. My workspace is in a part of the house that looks dim on video even when the lights are on. My WFH uniform for several years has been a bright turtleneck in winter or a bright colored breathable shirt in summer. I save stripes for days with no meetings since stripes can cause visual interference on the video."

2. Dress for the season (or your Summer A/C if lucky enough).

Be prepared for the changing seasons, and the changing temperatures in your home office. Keep a cozy sweater, jean jacket, or pullover at the ready.

Zoom Outfit Tip from the Owl Labs Flock:

"I love wearing my Kale sweatshirt when I'm WFH. It keeps me warm and cozy in the cold weather, and it gives me an opportunity to talk about Beyonce whenever someone comments on it!"

Zoom Shirt: Beyonce Kale Sweatshirt Zoom Outfit

Source: Suburban Riot

3. Keep it comfy & casual, at least on the bottom.

We've all heard of the infamous mullet hairstyle: business in the front, party in the back. Now, phrases like "Work From Home Mullet"' and "Mullet Dress" have been used to describe the attire of people who dress casually on the bottom and formal on top. When you're WFH and your coworkers can only see your top half on Zoom calls, you can keep it relaxed on the lower half. We recommend workout clothes, sweatpants, or something loose-fitting that lets you last through your countless Zoom meetings.

Zoom Outfit Tip from the Owl Labs Flock:

"My old house is drafty in the winter and warm in the summer. I own a few pairs of fleece-lined cargo pants to stay warm in the winter at home but those don't usually show up on video."

4. Be prepared for business casual.

Complete your "Work From Home Mullet" and dress up your top half. Keep a blazer, cardigan sweater, or jacket close to your desk to step up an outfit or look in seconds. You can even have a button-up shirt nearby to throw over your trusty t-shirt and instantly upgrade your Zoom style.

Zoom Outfit Tip From the Owl Labs Flock:

"Sometimes I throw on a blazer jacket over a typical tee and immediately I'm thrown together."

5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

An accessory (or a few) can immediately pull your Zoom look together. Some accessories our Owl Labs team reaches for include earrings (specifically gold hoops), headbands and scrunchies, and blue light glasses.

Zoom Outfit Tip From the Owl Labs Flock:

"I don't actually need glasses, nor do I think there is a ton of science backing [blue light] glasses up, but they make me feel smart and ready for the day!"

6. Use Zoom's "Touch Up My Appearance" feature.

Zoom includes a feature that can polish up your video in an instant. Enable Touch Up My Appearance to retouch your video and add a soft focus to your face. Here are the steps to apply this filter.

  1. Open up the Zoom app.
  2. Navigate to Settings and click on Video in the left-hand menu.
  3. Then click the checkbox next to Touch up my appearance.

Voilà! Your video settings are ready for your next Zoom meeting.

7. Find your best light.

Dim office lighting can doom your Zoom meeting. While you're likely to see TikTok creators and influencers using LED ring lights for the flattering glow they provide, ring lights are rising in popularity for video conferencing. Whether you use a ring light with a stand, tripod, or computer attachment, you'll be well-lit and ready for your next Zoom meeting.

Zoom Shirt: Zoom Video Conference Ring LightSource: Ementer

If you have a go-to "Zoom Shirt" or prefer to flaunt some fancy accessories, we'd love to hear about it. Share your Zoom style with us @OwlLabs and join in on the fun.

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