A few times as of late, I've caught myself getting lost daydreaming of the outdoors, or even wishing for a pigeon to land on my windowsill.

Staying focused and keeping a positive attitude can be challenging right now, but I've found a silver lining in the steady stream of incredible internet content focused on work from home tips and WFH laughs. The newly-revived world of memes and reposted tweets has provided some much-needed comic relief, while more practical articles and remote work tools have helped me adapt to this new routine.

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The Owl Labs team supports each other in many ways, but recently we've been sharing lots of this lighthearted content, as well as links to WFH advice and tools. While nearly 40% of our team was remote before COVID-19, the rest practiced a mix of in-office and remote work. Even though our team was prepared with video conferencing equipment like the Meeting Owl and actively using digital collaboration tools like Slack and Zoom, we've struggled along with the rest of the world to adjust to the isolation of social distancing and WFH.

We wanted to share our favorite work from home content from the last few weeks – both practical and fun – so we gathered all of these WFH resources in one page of work from home tips.

Funny Work From Home Memes

To help organize the comedic gold that's been streaming from social media, we also compiled our favorite work from home memes into a single video.

We hope these resources can help as you continue to adjust to WFH, and hopefully lift your spirits too!

Be well,

– Rachel + The Owl Labs team

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