Over the past decade, opportunities for non-traditional work arrangements and freelancing have increased. There are a few reasons for the growth of remote work. The sharing or gig economy has flourished, allowing almost anyone with a computer (or sometimes just a smartphone) to work from anywhere.

Another reason for the growth of alternative working arrangements is the technological innovation that enables communication and collaboration from a distance. Telecommuting has long been an option for certain industries. Sales, fieldwork, and bookkeeping lend themselves to remote work, and one can be productive in these areas outside of the office.

Free Work From Home Policy Templates: Download Now →These traditional telecommuting jobs are vastly improved with the use of advanced video conferencing applications, video hardware, and other tools. With cloud-based office platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) software, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), virtual call centers, and other technologies, the modern workplace has been recast.

Here are some of the top work from home jobs and resources to find the one that's right for you.

1. Coding and Software Development

Software Work From Home Jobs

One job that requires little face-to-face interaction is programming, since much of the work involves solo tasks. However, most coders and developers are part of a project team, and collaboration and the ability to video conference with colleagues are necessary. Remote developers benefit from tools such as Slack, Trello, and other collaboration and project management applications.

2. Information Technology

Information Technology Work From Home Jobs

Similarly, IT jobs thrive in a remote setting. Employers and clients look for experts in troubleshooting networks, providing security, and other services, all of which can be effectively done from home. Remote IT positions can securely connect through Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and complete almost any task.

3. Nursing and Healthcare

Work From Home Nursing Jobs

With advances in medicine and changes in how health care is administered, more patients can receive care at home from visiting nurses. Health care providers and nurses benefit from virtual office solutions, like mobile phone integration with phone systems, that keep remote workers connected to their employer.

Medical coding is also a popular remote job in health care. Remote access to email, office messaging and other unified communications applications help keep a remote nurse in the loop at the hospital or doctor's office.

4. Freelance Work

Freelance Work From Home Jobs

Due to the proliferation of remote-friendly shared work platforms, countless jobs are handled today by freelancers. In addition to coding and programming, there are many opportunities for writers, video editors, web producers, web developers, tutors, marketers, virtual assistants, and other skilled professionals to earn money without having to leave their homes or favorite coffee shops.

Freelance work can also involve nontechnical tasks, such as dog walking, house sitting, and wedding and event photography. Whether your freelance work keeps you tethered to a laptop or has you out in the park with a pack of dogs, you'll need technology to manage your workload and turn gigs into a career.

5. Accounting and Bookkeeping

Work From Home Bookkeeping Jobs

Another remote-friendly job, either a freelance or full-time remote employment situation, deals with numbers. Businesses have long reached out to accounting and bookkeeping services rather than take on the expense of a full-time bookkeeper or controller.

Retail and restaurants can effortlessly export point of sale (POS) data to a file that can be reconciled with accounting and invoicing software remotely.

6. Sales

Work From Home Sales Jobs

Sales is a time-honored field for those who enjoy working away from the office. Road warriors log miles visiting clients and prospects, becoming comfortable with setting up remote offices in hotels and at their home base. While many popular CRM solutions are cloud-based, eliminating the need for checking in to a home office, sales teams can still benefit from video conferencing tools.

With services such as GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Skype for Business, and many others, not only can sales meetings occur with participants strewn all over the globe, but sales employees can also more effectively present to potential customers from a distance.

Smart video conference cameras, such as the Meeting Owl, help to create a more natural meeting presence. With a 360° camera and high-quality audio, an intelligent video conference camera can bring virtual meetings to life, increasing sales department efficiency and success.

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7. Writing and Editing

Work From Home Writing Jobs

Put your writing and editing skills to work by working with different publications, companies, and entrepreneurs. You can work from anywhere and be a copywriter or editor. You'll work on website copy, blog posts, eBooks, content offers, and more.

8. Translating and Interpreting

Work From Home Translation Jobs

If you're fluent in multiple languages, consider translation jobs. Companies hire translators to translate documents and create subtitles for videos. In some cases, translators might even use their translation skills for interpretation over-the-phone and via video conferencing. 

9. Consulting

Work From Home Consulting Jobs

Is there a specific industry, topic, or business function you have a lot of experience in? Consulting can be a great fit for those who want to work remotely. You'll work with businesses and entrepreneurs and help them with your specific area of expertise. Common consulting careers include law, human resources, IT, financial, social media, and marketing consulting.

10. Graphic Design

Work From Home Graphic Design Jobs

Companies are always looking to hire graphic designers, either as freelancers or full-time remote workers. Whether you're designing website graphics, online brochures, advertisements, or product packaging, there are work from anywhere graphic design jobs for you.

How to Find a Work From Home Job

When you're ready to begin your job search, there are a few places to look. You can start by searching Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter to see if there are any remote job postings. Search for terms like "work from anywhere jobs", "remote jobs", and "location independent jobs" and scan the results for jobs that sound like a good fit.

Work From Home Job Sites

Check out the following job boards for a comprehensive list of work from home, telecommuting, freelance, and remote jobs you can do from anywhere.

  1. FlexJobs
  2. Remotive.IO
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  5. DailyRemote

With the right tools, almost any job can be effectively and efficiently done from home, or anywhere outside the office. Check out the best remote companies to work for next.

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