Not all employees thrive in the same work environment. Consider personality traits in general. Introverts typically refuel with alone time, or maybe spending time with one or two close personal friends in a comfortable environments. Extroverts are more likely to gain energy spending time in larger groups, meeting new people, and in social situations.

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In the office or workspace, do you ever see folks who always have headphones on? Have you noticed that some of your coworkers prefer Slack messages to email, while others would rather you tap them on the shoulder and talk it out? This is because different personalities work in different ways (and places and times and environments.) Those with access to a flexible work policy are enabled to choose their most effective workplace scenario. Studies show that those who work remotely at least once per month are 24% happier than their desk-bound colleagues. Remote employees also save companies money and are more productive.

The modern meeting doesn't look like what it used to. With more and more hybrid teams forming (a combination of in-office and remote employees), advanced audiovisual technology has enabled employees to work from anywhere. With the right equipment, folks can join calls from their home office, shared workspaces, a conference room in an office, or on the go.

We've put together a short quiz to help you determine where, when, and how you work best. Arm yourself with your results if you think it may be time to talk to your boss or team about making a change. After all, becoming burnt out and frustrated with your team or coworkers isn't going to help anyone be productive. It'll be a win-win if you can identify your ideal work scenario and fit it in to your current work-life balance.

Work Environment Personality Quiz Owl Labs

When you take the workplace personality quiz, you'll find out which one of these options best fits your personality and preferences. 

Solo Worker Warrior 

You are fiercely self accountable, and thrive in a fully independent working environment - whether a home office or nearby coffee shop, you work to the rhythm of your own tune. You know that doing so requires regular intentionality with your communication, using email and chat tools to keep your co-workers informed on what you’re working on.

Facetime, Just Not All The Time 

In this situation, you work for a company that DOES have an HQ or office but due to your situation or location you work remotely with regular trips to HQ. You value being able to work from wherever you’d like, but still having a team to visit or regular check-ins to put in the facetime needed to strengthen your office relationships.

I Work, You Work, WeWork 

You are well-suited for a co-working environment. While you enjoy the hustle and bustle of an office, it doesn’t have to be your company’s permanent office. You enjoy having the balance of being secluded from co-workers while also being able to meet new people and learning more about where they work and what brings them to the shared space.

No Doors, Just Open Floors 

Your door’s always open because it’s not there. You’re best suited for working in an open office space. You thrive on the energy of people and being able to easily and quickly collaborate with your peers. You enjoy have one major project and then using extra time to support the employees around you or be a resource for others as needed. You like to share results as they come and find an area full of activity keeps you thriving with what you need to do.

Privacy Is Your Best Policy 

You enjoy being able to work independently but still value the daily office routine. You’re most suited for an office where you have your own cubicle or room, preventing random chatter or side conversations from distracting you. When you need a dose of energy, a stroll to get coffee and saying hello to who you pass in the hallway is interaction enough to keep you fueled.

Take the quiz and find out how you work best, then share with your team and with us on social media. We hope this tool can help you advocate for yourself and your coworkers to be as productive and happy as you can be.

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