We started the Owl Labs beta program by hand-delivering Owls to companies in the Boston, New York City and San Francisco areas. It quickly became apparent that there was something special about your first Meeting Owl experience. I watched IT managers and engineers squeal with joy when they experienced the product for the first time. 

This gave us an idea. We should capture this first impression and get a company's unboxing experience on video. But how on earth were we going to to convince a company to let us record them trying a new piece of hardware for the very first time ... without receiving any context or information about the product beforehand?

Luckily for us Dispatch, a Boston-based startup working to create a more modern field service experience, signed up for our beta. We reached out, proposed our crazy idea, and they jumped at the chance to be involved.

They didn't even run screaming when on the day of the unboxing, they walked into their conference room to find our VP of Marketing, Rebecca Corliss, lying on the floor behind the conference room table. (The things you do when your product is a 360° video camera.) 

We are excited to share with you their first experience with the Meeting Owl, and we look forward to hearing about yours. If you want to see the product first-hand, go ahead and request a demo.