Earlier this year, when COVID-19 ushered in a new remote normal law firms around the country were quick to adjust to their new digital lifestyle. Now, as we approach our post-COVID-19 future, many of these same law firms are embracing digital technology and have found themselves continuing to work remotely with the help of remote communication and collaboration tools. 

If your attorneys are looking to dive even deeper into all remote work has to offer, here are the top remote tools that will allow your law firm to reach your full remote potential.

Best Software for Law Firms

The first step on your journey to fully embracing remote work is to invest in the top remote collaboration software for your employees. Some of the top remote collaboration software for law firms include:

Document Management Software

The recent rise in cloud-based document management software has been especially useful for historically paper-heavy industries, including newly remote law firms. Remote law firms need to be able to create and access digital documents on a moment's notice, document management software allows remote attorneys to do just that— while also providing them with tools to share, annotate, and collaborate on digital documents from anywhere, securely.

The best legal Document Management Software include PracticePanther Legal, Clio, and Filevine.

Project Management Software

Lawyers at firms of all sizes are tasked with managing hectic workflows that can quickly turn the corner from manageable to hectic if they’re not careful. Enter: project management software to handle the organizing and managing for you. The best project management software breaks down large projects into actionable tasks with customizable features, so your team always knows what your priorities are. For remote teams, project management software allows you to see exactly how your achievements lead to the accomplishment of larger team goals, creating an even more cohesive remote atmosphere.

The best project management software for law firms include Asana, Trello, and Evernote.

Calendar Tools

For remote attorneys balancing their hectic schedules as well as their busy lives, a user-friendly and collaborative calendar tool is often their saving grace. When choosing yours, look for a calendar app that is not only easy to use from any platform, but also comes equipped with sharing capabilities and automatic syncing to ensure your whole team is always on the same page.

Top calendar tools include Calendly, Google Calendar, and Teamup.

Transcription Software

When choosing your transcription software—especially for remote firms—security is the top priority. Choose transcription software with a proven track record of ensuring client confidentiality and protection from cyberattacks. All reputable transcription software companies guarantee confidentiality, but make sure you thoroughly review the confidentiality statement before signing on for new transcription software.

The top transcription software services that are fast, accurate, and boast top of the line security features are Trint and Dragon Legal.

Best Hardware for Law Firms

Next, you’ll need the right hardware to take your remote collaboration to the next level. The best remote collaboration hardware for law firms include:

Video Cameras

Due to COVID-19, many law firms have made the transition to remote meetings in circumstances when they would typically meet in-person. But how do you choose the best video camera for the job of connecting attorneys to their clients and in the courtroom for hybrid trials and hearings?

For one-on-one meetings, choose a high definition external video camera that is compatible with your laptop or desktop, such as the Logitech StreamCam or the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 to replicate the intimacy and clarity of an in-person meeting.

For large group meetings or courtroom proceedings, investing in a smart 360° webcam is the best way to recreate the urgency of an in-person event. A smart video camera with auto-focusing capabilities such as the Meeting Owl and the Meeting Owl Pro will ensure your proceedings flow organically, without being interrupted by any technical difficulties.

Check out our Video Conferencing Camera Comparison Guide for more tech specs and info.

Recording Devices

With so many dictation devices out there, it can be hard to find the best one to fit your needs. Considering clear dictation is a key tool when recording legal briefs and creating case notes, without utilizing an efficient recording device you run the risk of wasting your time trying to understand your playback. When choosing your next dictation tool, invest in the latest equipment to ensure you never miss a word.

Top recording devices for law firms include the Philips SpeechAir WIFI Smart Voice Recorder and the Olympus DS-9500.

Best Digital Communication Tools for Law Firms

For remote attorneys and lawyers, how well you communicate with your coworkers and teammates directly translates to how successful you are as a remote employee. To ensure that you are working in accordance with remote communication best practices, you need the best digital communication tools out there. These tools include:

Video Conferencing Software

When choosing your video conferencing software it is imperative that you choose a platform that provides end-to-end encryption. The good news is, as video conferencing has boomed this past year, so has the demand for conducting secure video meetings. Top video conferencing software companies have risen to meet that demand, resulting in all top video conferencing platforms providing end-to-end encryption.

CourtCall is a remote appearance platform for virtually presenting in court. Paired with the Meeting Owl, CourtCall provides a secure video conferencing option for lawyers, expert witnesses, and others to appear virtually in court.

In addition to Legaler and CourtCall, the video conferencing tool designed specifically with lawyers in mind, other top video conferencing software include Zoom and Webex.

Messaging Tools

The best messaging tools are those that allow you to obtain information from your colleagues without interrupting your workflow. Additionally, the top tools also allow you to create channels and group chats specifically devoted to teams in your firm. Most important of all for lawyers is the assurance of client privacy when texting or messaging. While popular messaging tools like Slack get the job done, investing in a legal-specific messaging tool that provides encrypted messages and a record of all conversations is your best bet for secure messaging.

These legal-specific messaging tools include the EIE legal app and MyCase.

Collaborating and communicating effectively from anywhere is a key component to practicing law in the age of remote work. Set yourself up for success by investing in these top remote collaboration tools for law firms.