All over the globe, companies of all sizes are embracing modern, hip, and comfortable alternative office layouts and work environments. While even the most traditional businesses have ushered in standing desks, remote-friendly positions, and productivity-aimed decor, it is no surprise that those in creative fields have taken bold and unorthodox office design to new levels.

Here are 10 of the most exciting, cool, weird, beautiful office spaces. Let these serve as inspiration for your work environment in large or small ways.

Explore Ten Inspirational Creative Workspaces

Bumble, Austin, TX

Bumble Office

 Image Source: Architect Magazine

This dating, networking, and meeting app's headquarters in Austin serves as a masterclass in open workspaces and branding. Not only does Bumble's "beehive" feature a cozy, 1960s home-like feel, but the bee theme also carries over throughout the structure.

Honeycomb ottomans dot collaboration and brainstorming areas, and a claw machine sits at the center of a large workspace, filled with Bumble swag.


Instagram, New York, NY

Instagram Office

Image Source: Inc  

Of course, Instagram's Manhattan offices are highly Instagrammable. The social media company knocked down office and cubicle walls to create a bustling creative space where visual media and technology come together seamlessly.

Instagram's cool headquarters features more than just an open design. Plants, exciting colors, blasts of natural light, and spaces that can be customized by employees make for an exciting workplace.


Wayfair, Boston, MA

Wayfair Office

Image Source: Office Snapshots

The way people work has changed, with greater emphasis on collaboration. Online home decor retailer Wayfair sells modern furniture for the home, but its office design puts its chic and colorful ideas to work.

Wayfair's offices feature a long bank of vibrant nooks that encourage employees to move around and step away from a stagnant workstation to find productivity.


Everlane, San Francisco, CA

Everlane Office

Image Source: Design Boom

Fashion retailer Everlane has created a unique space in an old San Francisco warehouse. Its minimalistic clothing is mirrored in this stark and streamlined wide-open offices. The main working floor features long lines of tables with the usual computer monitors and workstations, and the walls are lined with the company's latest line.

This office looks more like a giant boutique than a place of business. The sleek look is uniform, thanks to matching Herman Miller office chairs and antique-white West Elm desk lamps. 


Giphy, New York, NY

Giphy Office

Image Source: Business Insider

A company that specializes in quirky, fun, and sometimes bizarre but often shareable GIFs is bound to have a funky office. Giphy's New York City digs are weird and wild, just like its images. The unique office space not only inspires GIF-creation, its conference rooms and employee break areas are also tagged just like image categories.

The overall vibe prompts creativity, but so does the collaboration-friendly amenities such as an on-site coffee bar and "chill-out" spots for changing up work perspectives.


Selgas Cano Architecture Office, Madrid, Spain

Selgas Office

Image Source: Arch Daily

For a completely off-the-wall creative office, Spanish architecture firm Selgas Cano created a forest haven. Its glass-walled and open floor planned headquarters is a beautiful example of modern building design, but from the inside looking out, the views are breathtaking and gorgeous.

In its forest dreamland, the creative forces at Selgas Cano design similar buildings that blend with their environments.


Hutch, Culver City, CA

Hutch Office

Image Source: Office Lovin

Hutch is a California software company whose main product is an app that allows users to design their homes. Every square foot of the company's working space screams design. Rather than monotone offices created for efficiency and productivity, this California office is all about inspiration.

The company sourced the furnishings for its cozy common spaces through the Hutch app, literally surrounding its employees in the app environment.


Kickstarter, New York, NY

Kickstarter Office

Image Source: Business Insider

For a completely different spin on inspiration, Kickstarter's Brooklyn offices are all about finding new business ideas. The offices are streamlined and optimized for entrepreneurial thought, with ample spaces for brainstorming and negotiating.

Rather than adopting a trendy design aesthetic, Kickstarter decides to line the walls with documents representing its many funding success stories.


TBWA, New York, NY

TBWA Office

Image Source: Design Juices

Ad agencies have long been on the pulse of creativity and design. Long before open-walled offices and trendy conference room decor became fashionable, the creative forces behind marketing and advertising often worked in unusual settings.

Agency TBWA has pushed the creative workspace envelope at its New York City offices. One technique the company employs is to encourage flexible seating - a system where employees are asked to change their office setting frequently. Without a set workstation, employees are more nimble and able to think more freely, as well as collaborate with individuals who they may not work with often.


Unilever, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Unilever Office

Image Source: Roi-NJ

It's not always the cutting-edge, creative, and tech brands that lead the way in innovative office design. Household products giant Unilever relocated from Chicago to northern New Jersey in 2009, and its new offices offer a futuristic employee-centric experience.

The complex is a stone's throw from northern Manhattan and the Bronx, right across the Hudson River. In this modern space, employees have numerous options for meditation and relaxation, such as the company's "quiet room" and opportunities for yoga and mindfulness exercises.

Creative workspaces enable collaboration and brainstorming while reducing the all-too-common feelings of stagnation, boredom and other threats to spontaneous new thought. Use some of these as inspiration for your office and strike up some productivity.

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