You know what question we hear most often? One guess and you’d likely be right: “What kind of video conferencing software should I use?”

Inspired by this question, today Owl Labs released the 2018 State of Video Conferencing report. Our goal is to showcase different video conferencing options, their ideal setups, and assess their different strengths so companies can decide which technology is best for them.

So who are the leaders? The report discovered that Zoom and Skype for Business were the most frequently used options, holding a combined 45% of the market. However, depending on your company size, one may be a better fit for you than the other. There was a clear divide on preference depending on an organization’s number of employees. Specifically, 64% of companies with 500 or more employees tend to use Skype for Business, and 72% of companies with 500 or fewer use Zoom.

State of Remote Work - Zoom vs. Skype for Business


Another interesting stat? Turns out we like to bounce between options. 89% of companies use multiple video conferencing platforms, and on average a company regularly flip flops between 2-3 different conferencing solutions. And what do companies look for most when selecting a video conferencing software? 45% say ease of use is their number one factor.

State of Remote Work - Ease of Use


So what does it take to choose a new video conferencing service? Who needs to be involved? In 58% of organizations, executive influence was required when choosing a video conferencing solution. Even more surprising was the fact that the level of involvement remained incredibly consistent even as a company’s employee size increased. Looks like video conferencing is important enough to merit executive involvement no matter the stage of the company’s growth.

Overall, the most important insight we were looking for was which video conferencing solution serves its customers best. Knowing this is incredibly important to the Owl Labs team, because our very mission is to help teams and remote employees feel more connected. We need to understand which software solutions support our customers best.

With that, congratulations to our friends at Zoom. Its conferencing capabilities significantly outperformed all other solutions. Zoom customers rate their solution more than 2x higher than the industry average.


State of Remote Work - Zoom Recommendation


Other results in the report include:

  • 93% of people agree that video conferencing is effective at improving the connectedness of remote employees.
  • Zoom, Skype for Business, and Google Hangouts are the most used amongst growing companies.
  • 31% of C-level executives would like to know the engagement level of their last meeting.
  • 27% of the time, a team's #1 challenge with video conferencing is finding and booking conference rooms.
  • Companies with 5,000-10,000 employees struggle the most with having enough conference rooms.
  • Today the far majority of conference rooms have a TV or monitor. Very few use tablets to start the meeting.
  • Companies with 200 or more employees are 3x more likely to use tablets to manage their conference rooms.
  • Zoom and Slack earn highest customer satisfaction ratings on G2 Crowd for video conferencing.

Thank you to our great video conferencing partners and congratulations to the solutions that earned particularly high marks. At the end of the day, Owl Labs’ products are compatible with nearly all of them, so choose what works for you! We hope this data is helpful to our customers and our partners alike.

Our goal is to contribute to the overall video conferencing ecosystem, so video conferencing improves as a whole -- no matter what solution you use.