Remote work is becoming a standard of practice in most fields and has created a new generation of telecommuters who are no longer the exception to the rule, they are the rule. In the past two decades, the number of telecommuters has risen by 115%, according to a report by FlexJobs. Millennials are beginning to choose flexible jobs over salary. Searches for "remote jobs" on Google have increased by 500% since 2014.

Searches for Remote Jobs in the US have increased over the years

Source: Google

Many companies have joined the 16% of global companies that are fully remote, and even more, are now a part of the 40% of companies that allow employees to work from home. Industries that were previously thought to only exist as in-person roles like nursing, personal assistants, and teaching, have joined the virtual revolution using remote technology to connect people around the world.

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Here are some of the best remote companies to work for and companies that allow remote work.

Best Remote Companies to Work For

These companies are fully remote, meaning all employees work from home or from shared workspaces. Remote companies typically host employee retreats and encourage video conferencing to help connect telecommuters with their virtual coworkers. Here are a few places where you can launch your remote work career

1. Automattic

Software makers responsible for WordPress, WooCommerce, and more.

2. Close

A CRM with sales automation.

3. Zapier

An app that integrates more than 1,500 apps to automate workflows.

4. InVision

A digital product design platform to help companies perfect user experience.

5. Hotjar

Analytics software that helps users understand their website's audience.

6. Help Scout

Customer service software and education.

7. Modern Tribe

A forward-thinking design and software development agency.

8. 15Five

A software program for continuous employee feedback to create an agile, productive team.

9. Sticker Mule

Custom stickers with quick turnaround times.

10. GitHub

A developing platform to host and review code and work with over 36 million developers.

11. Aha!

Product roadmap software for product managers and marketers.

12. ConvertKit

A simple email marketing software.

13. Clevertech

Helping businesses create innovative technology.

14. Recruiterbox

Applicant tracking software for recruiting.

15. Litmus

Email marketing testing software.

16. MeetEdgar

A social media scheduling tool.

17. Hubstaff

Time tracking software for teams.

18. Articulate

E-learning apps.

19. Ghost

An open-source publishing platform.

20. How-To Geek

Explaining technology.

21. Doist

Creating tools for a more simplified life.

Companies That Allow Remote Work

Companies that allow remote work usually have a headquarters (or multiple offices) where some employees work, while others work from home. This leads to hybrid teams— teams where some employees are in the office and others tune in using a video conferencing camera.

22. CafeMedia

Connects publishers with engaged audiences.

23. Trello

Forecasting and analytics tool for growing businesses.

24. Amazon

Online shopping, streaming, and subscription service.

25. UnitedHealth Group

Digital healthcare company providing clinical care both in-person and via telecommuting employees.

26. Intuit

Makers of QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Mint.

27. TranscribeMe

Transcription software converting audio files into text.

28. Dell

Technology company providing hardware, solutions, and support.

29. Aetna

A health insurance company.

30. Hilton

International hospitality brand. 2019's #1 Fortune Best Company to Work For.

31. VMWare

Cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology.

32. Kaplan

Standardized test prep company.

33. Amgen

Biotechnology company.

34. Stryker

Medical technology and innovation.

35. Humana

All-in-one health insurance.

36. Cisco

IT, cybersecurity, and network infrastructure company.

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37. CVS Health

Retail pharmacy and healthcare company.

38. American Express

Financial services company.

39. Johnson & Johnson

Pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and medical device company.

40. Glassdoor

Employer review and job posting website.

With an emerging workforce of digital natives, the workplace has changed. Remote work opens the door to those who may not have had access to certain roles in their physical location, those with disabilities, and those in areas without a booming economy. It also allows companies to be open 24/7 to offer support. If you've been considering a role with more flexibility and autonomy, try exploring some of these remote and flexible jobs.

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