When you have a problem, you aim to uncover an all-encompassing solution.

This is true for individuals who find video conferencing solutions for their offices. Complex video conferencing setups cause technical issues and hinder your meeting productivity.

For 58% of organizations, executives influence which video conferencing solution the company chooses.

Oftentimes, a video conferencing setup is difficult to configure. Executives need to think about which TV and computer combination to use. Plus, they have to find a video conferencing camera, microphone, and speaker.

Luckily, there's a solution to your video conference needs! The Meeting Owl is your camera, microphone, and speaker all-in-one.

The Owl has 360° audio and video, and plug-and-play functionality. You'll simplify your setup with this versatile piece of video conferencing technology.

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Ready to learn how easy the Meeting Owl setup is? Let's dive in!

How to Setup the Meeting Owl

Here are the steps to set the Meeting Owl up in your conference room.

1. Evaluate the size of your meeting room.

Before you get started, get the measurements of your room and table. This helps you determine where to place the Meeting Owl for the best meeting experience. If you're in a larger room, make sure the Owl is no more than six feet away from all the participants in the room.

2. Turn the Owl over and plug in the USB cable and power adapter.


3. Plug the USB cable into your computer, and plug the power adapter into an outlet.

Once the Owl’s eyes stop pulsing, and you hear a hoot, your Meeting Owl is ready to use.


4. Place your Owl on your table.

The next step is to place the Meeting Owl on your table. The placement will vary depending on the size of your room.

For Huddle Rooms:

For a huddle room that fits 2-4 people, place the Owl in the center of the table, 12 inches (one foot) from the TV.


For Conference Rooms:

For a larger conference room that fits 2-10 people, place the owl in the center of the table. It should be at least three feet from the TV, but no more than six feet from the farthest participant. Experiment with the placement of the Owl to best suit your team's needs.


5. Connect or cast your computer to your TV to display the Owl's video.

First, connect the Meeting Owl to your computer via USB and start a video call. Next, to see the Meeting Owl’s video output on your in-room monitor or TV, you need to cast the video feed.

Depending on your computer/video display setup, this can be done via HDMI cable, Chromecast, Miracast, or screen mirroring. Here are all the ways to project to your monitor or TV.

6. Select the Meeting Owl as your video, microphone, and speaker.

Open your video conferencing software and select the Meeting Owl as your video, microphone, and speaker. The Meeting Owl works with video conferencing software like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, Cisco WebEx, and more. Here's a full list of compatible video conferencing software options.

Once you've opened your video conferencing software and selected the Meeting Owl as your video, microphone, and speaker, you're ready to start your meeting! Your Owl’s eyes will illuminate when the video is streaming.

7. Connect Meeting Owl to WiFi to receive periodic software updates.

Your Owl doesn't need to be connected to WiFi to run a meeting. However, there are software updates that a released periodically with enhancements and new features to help your Meeting Owl run even better. To receive these updates, the Owl will need to be connected to WiFi.

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