Today, we're proud to announce the launch of the Meeting Owl Pro — the second generation Meeting Owl that brings teams together for better work.

When we created the Meeting Owl, our goal was to provide distributed teams with an all-in-one, platform-agnostic video conference solution. With its 360° audio and video capabilities, the Meeting Owl has transformed the remote meeting experience to make it more inclusive for remote participants.
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The newest member of the Meeting Owl flock, the Meeting Owl Pro, improves on the core 360° meeting experience with better audio and video quality and Smart Meeting Room capabilities. Keep reading to learn more about how the Meeting Owl Pro will help build the Work From Anywhere Movement and connect teams so they can work together productively, no matter where they're located.

Why We Created the Meeting Owl Pro

The future of work isn't just about remote employees, it's about every member of an organization, no matter where they work. We created the Meeting Owl Pro to make working from anywhere a reality and to enable you to host meetings in bigger rooms with larger groups of people.

The Meeting Owl Pro expands our vision for the future of work and the Work From Anywhere movement. When you add it to any conference room, your meeting space will become increasingly intelligent over time. New Smart Meeting Room integrations and analytics and productivity features will reinvent how distributed teams collaborate in conference rooms and huddle spaces moving forward.

See the Meeting Owl Pro in Action

Sometimes, you have to see it to believe it. Sign up for a demo today to see the full capabilities of the Meeting Owl Pro.

Key Features and Benefits of the Meeting Owl Pro

Better Video

Expect an even better video experience with the Meeting Owl Pro. It's built with better processing power that allows for a 2X sharper 360° camera with 1080p resolution. The Meeting Owl Pro works with all popular video conferencing software, so you can meet with your colleagues anywhere via the software of your choice.

Better Audio

The Meeting Owl Pro features a brand new tri-speaker that provides 360° audio coverage that focuses more directly on people sitting in the room. We also improved the microphone system so you can hear quieter meeting participants in the room. The smart microphones equalize speaking volume and have an 18-foot radius audio pickup, making the Meeting Owl Pro a great choice for larger meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Smart Meeting Room

By adding a Meeting Owl Pro to any conference room, customers can expect their meeting spaces to become increasingly intelligent over time with new smart integrations and capabilities. The Meeting Owl Pro's first Smart Meeting Room capability, Smart Zooming, identifies, locates, and magnifies the person speaking to create a fully immersive experience for those who can’t attend the meeting on-site.

Upcoming Smart Meeting Room features include:

  • Q1 2020: IT Analytics Suite and Fleet Management to help your company get more out of its meeting spaces
  • Q2 2020: New technology to bring the whiteboard to the remote participant
  • Late 2020: Additional meeting productivity applications

We're thankful for our customers, their support, and feedback that's enabled us to improve upon the Meeting Owl product line. You're helping us transform the future of work for distributed teams.

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