Video conferencing technology has enabled organizations to join the Future of Work movement by connecting colleagues and clients who are often located across different cities, states, countries, and continents.

Not everyone can say they love their video conferencing camera: the 2019 State of Video Conferencing report found that only 29% of video conferencing users say they love their video conferencing camera.

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Did you know, Meeting Owl users are 19% more likely to like or love their video conferencing camera than those using Logitech? In fact, the Meeting Owl is loved by over 26,000+ businesses across the globe and it helps connect teams to remote workers, satellite offices, and distant colleagues. It's an award-winning, smart 360° video conferencing device that provides organizations with a new way to work.

So, what do Meeting Owl users have to say about their experiences with the Meeting Owl? Here are a few reviews where they share what they love about the Meeting Owl. Let's dive in!

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Customer Love for the Meeting Owl

1. "Absolutely love the Owl! Previously we were using three different laptop screens to simulate a full room experience and the audio & mic feedback was terrible. The Owl has fixed all of that. Also as a consultant, the Owl is so portable and plug & play, I carry it from client meeting to client meeting." -Daniel

2. "I'm using it as we speak and we love its ease of use and quality of video and audio!!" -Stewart

3. "Love my owl!! So simple to use and he (I think it is a he) really has made our distance meetings more valuable for all participants. Highly recommend getting an Owl for everyone who currently uses a conference line - bring your distance partners face-to-face." -Lisa

4. "Our organization has loved our Owls! We started with the original in every one of our remote offices, and then just recently updated all of them to the Owl Pro. The upgraded speaker & mic, as well as pan & scan to hone in on the individual speaker, make a huge improvement to what was already a great product." -David

5. "I had the chance to attend a virtual demo with the Owl Labs teams and they provided an excellent overview of the product as well answered all of my questions. The camera itself is a great addition to our huddle rooms and our end users love using it to engage with their peers across offices." -Matthew

6. "We have eight Owls in use around the world and the teams love them! They make cross-cultural communication much easier as the team can more easily see the faces of the speakers. The cost is competitive to other mic/camera/speaker combinations. Owl Labs is frequently updating the tech and adding improvements. Highly recommended." -Andrew

7. "I love the owl. It makes meeting rooms work for remote people. The way it follows the talking face is almost magic." -Dan

We'd like to thank our Meeting Owl fans for sharing the love!

customer love for the meeting owl meeting owl reviews

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