Why oh why does this always happen. If only a little comedy and some surprise beatboxing fixed all problems. (If you didn’t watch to the end, you missed out.)

In all seriousness, we need to make sure remote folks are getting what they need to do their jobs and communicate with their teams.

If you've experience the dreaded WiFi struggle, try this:

1. Turn your video off for a few seconds. It’ll give you a few moments for the feed to catch up, while your audio should still come through crystal clear.

2. Sometimes sitting super far from a home router can screw you up. Get closer (or with fewer walls in the way.) Pro move — get a few Eeros for your home

3. Fun fact — your distance from your router can also determine which wifi frequency might work better. If you’re close to the router, use 5GHz. If you’re far away, use 2.4GHz

4. Ditch the computer and switch to mobile. Zoom has an awesome mobile app for meetings. Who knows, maybe your 4G is better than your home wifi today

5. Plug into Ethernet. Sorry, dude.


One day we will be free from this problem. For now, let's commiserate together.