10 of the Best U.S. Cities for Remote Workers

Colin Duff

Colin Duff | September 13, 2019

With 5.2% of all U.S. workers working remotely in 2017, remote work is growing in popularity. More and more companies are catering to remote employees and some cities are hot remote work destinations. Ideal locations have a modest cost of living, plenty of coworking spaces or locations with fast internet, and a young and fun community.

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Best U.S. Cities for Remote Workers

1. Phoenix

The first city on our list is known for its warm weather and thriving tech scene. But don't let the heat scare you, it's a very livable city. Take advantage of its gorgeous desert environment with hikes and trails to explore.

Young workers are moving away from coastal hubs (e.g., Los Angeles and San Francisco.) When they move, they bring a vibrant energy to "secondary" cities like Phoenix. However, you'll only be a couple of hours away from those cities if you do feel like traveling back.

2. Portland

If you're looking for a city with a unique culture, Portland is your town. Portland offers over 650 public WiFi locations and is popular in the craft coffee scene in the Pacific Northwest. Here are some tips for staying visible while working remotely from one of Portland's workspaces.

With a tech influence in a smaller city, you'll feel like you're in San Francisco without the higher costs. Oregon has 6.4% of its workers fully remote, well above the national average. You'll fit right in with a sizable community of others that also love working remotely!

3. Denver

Denver has one of the highest percentages of remote employees in the United States. With its beautiful scenery, why wouldn't you work remotely? It's the perfect place to get work done, while still enjoying the Rocky Mountains all year long.

Colorado ranks as the 10th best state in the U.S., with high scores for its economy, infrastructure, and education systems. This explains why the state is drawing large numbers of skilled remote workers. Plenty of other people work virtually, so you'll have tons of friends to ski, hike, and explore with. It's also been a reliable tech hub up there with Seattle and San Francisco.

4. Charlotte

A growing tech and financial hub, Charlotte enjoys warm weather and great companies in the area. A  thriving brewery scene will keep you busy. Over 11 dedicated coworking spaces help you add variety to your work routine. Check out the Queen City's many parks and green spaces, without worrying about rent --it's lower than the U.S. average!

Best U.S. Cities for Remote Workers

5. Seattle

A premier tech city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is right in the midst of the remote work movement. Over 7% of employees work remotely, and the prevalence of tech lets workers find jobs that don't require office visits.

Fast internet speeds, great coffee, and cozy weather are a remote worker's dream. But, there's a high cost of living and a large percentage of gray days. Overall, Seattle's beautiful atmosphere and tech hub status make it a strong choice for remote workers.

6. Atlanta

For a city with one of the worst-ranked commutes, it might seem odd that we recommend Atlanta. However, the savings from a lack of commute move it up into one of our top spots.

According to GasBuddy and Brookings, employees working virtually will save around $555 per year. With this amount of savings, you'll be free to set up your own home office!

Many colleges and universities give the city a young feel, and the warm weather will keep you comfortable year-round. Throughout the city, there are a variety of cafes optimized for remote workers. Some of the best include Taproom and Proof for those that love beer and coffee.

7. Dallas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the ability to work remotely! With no state income tax, businesses head to the Lone Star State and that benefit moves onto workers. Companies like Southwest Airlines, Exxon Mobil, and AT&T all call Dallas home. These companies allow for many options for remote workers to choose from.

Unique culture will keep you hooked, and faster than average internet speeds will keep you productive. If you're a remote worker who loves barbecue, you just found the perfect place to live and eat.

8. Indianapolis

For midwest charm and cheap rent, look no further than Indianapolis. With an average rent of only $875 per month, you'll have plenty of money left over for new food and drinks. Indianapolis loves sports, so you'll have many chances to cheer on the Colts and Pacers when work is over. Take advantage of cool coworking spaces like Hinge Bureau and get your fix at Kaffeine Coffee.

9. Salt Lake City

You've heard about Silicon Valley, but what about Silicon Slopes? According to Forbes, Salt Lake City has one of the highest concentrations of millennials in the country. That, combined with cheap rent both contribute to a growing remote work scene.

With this comes plenty of opportunities to go out and meet new folks. Coffee shops like Alchemy Coffee give you places to work and chat. Don't let preconceived ideas about Utah fool you, this is one of the best new places to live and work.

10. New York City

Although New York is one of the most expensive cities on our list, the sheer amount of jobs for remote folks is a plus. With recent laws like the Freelance Isn't Free Act, freelance workers are largely protected.

You'll still experience the culture of America's largest city, with plenty of coffee shops, libraries, and hotel lobbies to work from. If you're looking to find a unique meeting space, we've got you covered with recommendations!

Finding the right city to work remotely from can be challenging, but some cities stand out above the rest. Determine what you want from your remote work experience. Do you value the cost of living, fun activities to do, or the availability of coworking space the most?

Once you've set your sights on a place to work, you'll have time to focus on getting the most out of your remote work career.

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