What's The Best Work Environment for Your Personality? [Quiz]

Learn how, when, and where you work best based on your personality.
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Employees should be empowered to work where, when, and however they are most productive. With modern technology,
location is irrelevant.


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What's the Best Work Environment for Your Personality?

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There was a time where working from an office was a non-negotiable. Over the past several years, we've seen a growing emergence in remote work and flexible remote work policies. How does your personality fit your workspace?


Not all employees work the same way


If your work environment doesn't match how you best work, change it! It may be time for a change, or at least a conversation with your manager. You'll be more productive and happier  it's a win-win.

Now, we have what we call hybrid companies, where organizations allow their employees to work in some form of an office, remotely, or alternate between the two.  And as we haven’t been shy to mention before, these companies that offer remote-friendly options see 25% less turnover than those who don’t.

Need more proof that not everyone works best in the same environment? Check out these statistics about remote teams, hybrid teams, and flexible work environments.

Global Remote Work Statistic
56% of global companies allow remote work
Remote Workers Happier Statistic
Those who work remotely are 24% happier than their desk-bound counterparts
Working Remotely Statistic
68% of global employees work remotely at least once per month

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