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New IoT Video Conferencing Hardware Launching 2017

Inclusive Experience for Remote Employees
IoT Hardware for Your Conference Room
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Who is Owl Labs?

Request an Invite to Owl Labs' Limited Beta  Request Invite  Owl Labs is currently running an invite-only limited beta for companies  looking to improve team meetings for their remote employees. 

What Beta Users Are Saying

While there’s no substitute for face-to-face, Owl Labs' new product is the best immersive conferencing tool we’ve seen. Conversations are much more natural. It has improved our cross-coastal communications and brought us a significant step closer to the face-to-face experience.

Gregory Raiz | Founder and CEO at Raizlabs

Great audio is essential to having an effective distributed meeting, and this is the best audio device we've found. Owl Labs' new approach to video also has a huge wow-factor. These two features combined make our remote engineers more effective and included.

Jeremy Redburn | Cofounder at Salsify

This new hardware makes participation in meetings for remote people so much easier. You don't feel blind to what is happening in the room.

Sam Clemens | Cofounder and CPO at InsightSquared

The Owl Labs product helps our remote team members get a fuller understanding of the audience in the room. It's simple and easy to use, and has been incredibly helpful to our product and engineering teams.

As a remote person, you feel like you're in the room. That's a big deal. There's a stronger sense of who is speaking so you understand what's going on in a visual way. Normally you'd need to rely on audio cues.

The Owl Labs Mission

Video Conferencing Should Be Optimized for the Remote Employee


No one should feel like a fly on the wall. 

Current video conferencing solutions aren’t optimized for remote workers, leaving them feeling like a “fly on wall” (or a mere lurker) during in-person team meetings.

Experience meetings as if you’re there.

Remote employees need to see and hear what’s going on as if they’re sitting right with the team. That includes hearing every detail and seeing every facial expression.

Inclusivity is essential.

Your location shouldn’t put you at a disadvantage. All employees should feel welcome to speak up and contribute in meetings, even if you’re remote.